No "beep" when key is turned on DF50a

I just finished my install of 2011 D50A on my Bass Tracker. Used the wiring harness that came with my motor. The ignition switch end of the harness has a little round "beeper" (I thought that's what it was). I have everything wired correctly I think but when I turn the key on I get four lights on the engine check gauge for a second or two, them they go off but no sound. On all the videos I've seen on cranking Suzukis there's always a chirp when ignition is turned on but mine doesn't do it. I'd there a problem here or am I worrying over nothing?
Also, out of curiosity, how do you check engine hours of engine has over 700 hours and tach only goes to 7,000 ?
Thanks in advance, Fred
The tach needle will jump to the appropriate rpm number. Sounds like the tach is working fine. The buzzer will alert you to fault codes if thrown so it would be nice to get it working. Sorry can’t help you there


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From a 2009 DF90A. When you expand the the screenshot to read the wiring schematic if it’s too blurry send me your email and I’ll send you a higher definition screenshot. It’s not your engine but I’d bet Suzuki has standardized their wiring.

Thanks William. I did not unplug any wiring. The motor and harness came off a pontoon boat and the ignition switch, safety switch, beeper, all attached to a plate that mounted in the console. Nothing disconnected there... Might be a bad beeper...
I’m no electrician but it looks like if you ground the green and give the blue 12 volts it should buzz. Could be a bad connection, corrosion somewhere. Put a volt meter on the blue, turn the key to on(not start) and see what you get for voltage. At this stage you don’t know if the buzzer is faulty or a wiring issue. Did it buzz on the donor boat?