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I am a scuba diver and there is a wreck in Lake Winnipesaukee, NH with a Chrysler Marine engine serial number of LM-4144. How can I find out the year the engine was manufactured? I'd like to try and find the owner and when the boat sank. It's a wooden boat that's pretty old. Thanks for your help.
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Here is a video of the wreck in question.
I have recently found out the following information: The motor is a Chrysler. The model “AMR” marks it as an “Imperial” straight 6, 309 cubic inch. The LM serial numbers were manufactured from 1928-1935. The serial number range is LM-1204 through LM-4781. So LM-4144 is somewhat midrange. Probably 1933 or 1934.
Is there any way to find out what boat builder originally bought the engine and installed it? Then, perhaps I can find out to whom the boat was sold and get more info like boat pictures and maybe how it sunk.
Probably worth your time to post here: https://www.oldmarineengine.com/discus/messages/2/2.html

Over there, the subject matter experts deal with engines from the early days of marine propulsion...over here, we are mostly 'modern'....say from the 1960's or so....

I'd bet if you make the post, and give it some time to be read, you'll likely find more than an internet search has provided you...