Magneto for 75 hp sears Ted Williams


Tim Bettes

"I am looking for a magneto fo

"I am looking for a magneto for a Sears Ted Williams model # 217.58891 outboard. The magneto part # is 610851a. Any help would be appreciated!

Tim Bettes
[email protected]"
Also Certified Parts Corp.&#40

Also Certified Parts Corp.(Ph 1-800-356-0777) has certain parts and manuals.

they have eska old sears parts Ed ke6bnl
"i am looking for a coil for m

"i am looking for a coil for my 1980 gamefisher\eska 15hp. part #610985 i do not need the whole magneto assembly, just one coil . all help is welcome and greatly appreciated!..thank you."
i have a 1970's gamefisher

i have a 1970's gamefisher 9.9 hp. flywheel for sale...have the spinner button with it
"Try [url=""]www.discount-mari

"Try www.discount-marine-parts.com

The water pump, if included on these models was simply used to keep the exhaust housing cooled down - these are air cooled engines (powerhead itself built by Tecumseh), so no worries about overheating the motor itself.

These models do not pump water when the motor is in neutral so you will only notice it "weeping or spitting" a bit in gear, through the relief holes..."
"make sure inside the flywheel

"make sure inside the flywheel where the magnet is clean. the magneto is very very hard to find and sears doesnt have it. theres a guy online who has manufactured a piece that works on a 12 volt system for tecumseh lawn mowers which will work on your motor if you get a 12v battery, coil and his part. he did this because the magneto is very hard to find for people with these older lawnmowers. i typed in the part # in my search box and it popped up with this guy. i did some research and emailed him and he sent me all the info. just so happens that i cleaned up my fly wheel and re-grounded my coil and presto i had a good running motor."
"This message is for [url=""]w

"This message is for [email protected] (I hope he gets it). Sorry for the VERY late reply, but I came across this thread while researching a problem with my 9.9 Eska outboard. Mine is a liquid cooled 1975, model 1978a. Eska made 9.5, 9.9, 14, and 15 HP Gamefishers for Sears that were liquid cooled as well. If you go to www3.sears.com and use part number 217586254, you can look at the different parts available for your engine. The impeller is part number 26511 and is about $35."
I have a sears gamefisher #217

I have a sears gamefisher #21758632-0 15hp that needs a magneto/stator assem.#610958.CDI electronics offers a replacement #110-0958.I'm looking for someone that has used this replacement that can tell me if this is good cross ref.and/or does it really work?
"Fred, have never used the exa

"Fred, have never used the exact part you mention, but have used numerous CDI replacement parts and have found them to be FAR superior to the original OEM parts in almost every respect, and often available for less than half the OEM price (if even still available).

I have ZERO reservations about using any of CDI's ignition components..."
"My neighbor in cape may,nj ha

"My neighbor in cape may,nj has a 9.9 gamefisher, running motor for $250. I think from the '80s. I would use it on a '68 12'ted willians glass tri haul. My old firestone 9.9 still runs but would like the "newer" motor, plus it would make a nice pair. Is it a waste of money?"
"Post the model number. From

"Post the model number. From the early 70's to mid 80's they were made by Eska and used Tecumseh engines. Even though they were liquid cooled (the 9.9's and 15's), they aren't considered to be in the same quality class as a OMC/Merc etc engine.
The newer ones (about 1987 up) were made by Force (Chrysler). These ones seem to be better engines.
I personally have a 9.9 Eska, which was exactly the same as a similar year Gamefisher (1975) and love it. One of the problems my type of engine has is ignition problems, and it is nearly impossible to find parts for compared to an equivalent OMC/Merc. I actually have 4 similar motors and all but one have bad ignitions.
In short, if it is a newer Force engine, and is in good shape, $250 sounds fair. If it's an older Eska type with a Tecumseh engine, I'd haggle a bit."
"Thanks Wayne,next time I'

"Thanks Wayne,next time I'm at the shore house I'll check out the #'s. I live in the lehigh valley, pa"
"I have a 1980 7.5 gamefisher

"I have a 1980 7.5 gamefisher model# 217-585932. I am looking for a magneto for it. Sometimes i have spark and other times i don't. I tested it with a milivolt tester and i was getting a reading of about 98. Does anyone know what reading i should get? Thanks, Leo"
If anyone is looking for parts for a ted williams 7.5 I have one available for parts. The lower unit is no good and I used the coil on my other motor. Other than that I everything else should be salvagable.