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Looking for Chrysler Nissan SD 22 Manifold


Neil Smit

" Desperately looking for a ne

" Desperately looking for a new manifold for my four cylinder diesel inboard engine. Idetification plate, Chrysler Mod 3N4-33 Enginr model no SD 22 PU Existing part no on the manifold is, 361086, Made in Canada. The engine is a Nissan SD 22 with Chrysler Model no's "

ed barlow

seen a sd22 for sale in the s

seen a sd22 for sale in the sydney trading post was in the boat acc section


New member
Thompson foundry in Canada is who make them for Blueridge Marine. They are less than half the price. They also have the adapter that bolts on the back of the manifold. There number is 1 604-596-9611 Address: 12540 82 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3E9,

I like blueridge marine and there is something to be said to performing your own research as he has done. but I think 150% mark up on a 1000 dollar part is ridiculous.
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