Looking for 318 reverse rotation intermediate oil pump driveshaft


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Title says it all. My uncle doesn't listen and threw out the old engine without taking out the oil pump driveshaft so the new engine is now useless. I have no idea where to find one of these, I can't even find a part number for any manufacturer. The engines are mid 80's vintage so I assume they are B blocks. I'm really not a Chrysler guy so I am out of my element.

If anyone has any idea where I might source one it would be greatly appreciated and my Aunt will be really happy as she misses her houseboat.

beacon marine supply used to keep the reverse rotation Chrysler parts on hand...you can find their contact info on the www.

If they no longer have them, I'd check with a reputable rebuilder that offers them.

You will need a thrust collar for the distributor on the RH engine, too...whoever offers the drive gear should have those as well...
Are you sure ? on some engines only the crank is CR ,dist ,and oil pump standard direction.
could install a standard rotation and reverse the transmission.you will need a new prop though