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Leaking Rivots


New member
In our 13' aluminum jon boat, we had five rivots leaking in a row. Tried pounding with two sledgehammers, but the area was obstructed by seat bench etc. and no luck.

Applied "life-boat" caulk which worked great for a few days, but boat hull was flexing too much for the product.

So I drilled the rivots out and replaced them with .25" fine threat nuts, bolts, and lock washers. Carefully tightened them down, and now my shoes are dry again!

Will do this for any other rivots which stretch unless there are any better ideas?


Silver Medal Contributor
Ayuh,.... I drill out the bad 1s, 'n pop in closed-end aluminum pop-rivets...
They work in a regular pop-rivet gun...
google 'em...