Ideas for getting the bottom of the engine off.


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Hi All, need some advice on how to get the bottom of the motor off. Its an 86 model in almost new condition less than 20Hrs, boat never got used after it got a new motor. However I dont think the impellor has ever been changed. I tried unsuccessfully, it has lived a saltwater life and the Mercury dealer said its possible it might not be possible now. They said they in the past have drilled a hole in the side and cut the drive shaft and then replaced parts but this is not longer an option, (parts not available). I dont really want to run it until the impeller dies and I cook the motor.

Looking for ant tips or tricks.




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If you have all the nuts and bolts removed and it still stuck, you can get a damaged prop and bend a ear. Take it to ramp and with skag a few inches off bottom when fully down run it. The vibration will shake it loose if not grown together. Have done it a few times with success


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Looks like your gearcase is mounted with studs and nuts. Down here in Florida salt world, the salt can get impacted between The lower unit housing and the stud. Quite common on engines that havent seen regular service. Making sure that all of the nuts and the single bolt under the cav plate by the trim tab are removed. Try taking a lead shot dead blow hammer and a block of wood on the cavitation plate and start rapping around the area of where the studs are and see if you can get it to budge or a a minimum start to see salt falling out of the hole. You may also need to help this along with a MAPP gas torch to expand the hole in the gearcase housing around the stud to get things moving. The salt will start to pop and you'll see housing start to drop. THIS TAKES PATIENCE. You can help this with some delicate prying between the gearcase and mid section if you start to see some daylight. You can do this with tapered wood shims, avoid using screwdrivers to pry with unless there is no other way, you don't want to damage the housing / gearcase joint if you don't have to.


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Any picture of all the bolts you have taken out ?
I removed the one that hold the anode in place and loosened off the other four, I was over presumptuous worried it was just going to drop on the ground. I trapped for a very long time and accidently started to deform the cavitation plate. Im trying not to damage the paint in anyway but that seems unavoidable at this point in time now.

I have a pencil blow torch that has a very fine tip for the flame, I might try putting heat up though the stainless bolts.

Next thought was hooking the boat up to the car and ratchet sling around the bottom of the motor. Putting it all under tension and seeing if it will break the seal.

Thanks for the tips.


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Really confident I am getting them all as I fully disassembled this old motor for parts, surprisingly this old motor came apart easily.

Old Merc 2A.jpg

Old Merc 1A.jpg


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I have used an adapter in the flywheel and hydraulic puller on lower unit to pull them off.-----Just like a " painless dentist " and easy.