Honda BF225A No Start Journey

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Hello All,

I just picked up a 225 Honda and started troubleshooting. Cranks fine but wont start. I got a decent Honda manual and have started working through some of the flow charts. before I go any further I'm curious what these 3 wires were for? I found them cut. This is on a bass boat with multiple trim switch locations and that's what I suspect due to wire coloring. but I'm unsure. Here is the photo... Any help would be appreciated! Honda.jpg


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I'm not saying I know anything useful here, just pointing out a couple of things. My eyes aren't so great these days so I could be waaay off.

You might be right about those wires being for the trim system but the diagram I have lists colors for trim as Lb (light blue), Lg (light green) and Bl (black).

Those two wires look more like green (G) and blue (B) to me. I see that green and blue are used for the crank and cam (tdc) sensors as well as in other areas.

Also, the "snip" is obviously not factory. They would NEVER have left the ends of wires that carry current exposed like that.

Do you know what the other three wires (Y/Bl, W/Gr, R/Bu) are for?

I couldn't find a W/Gr wire on the diagram. But then it could just be the old eyes.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the reply. In the wiring diagram I have... i haven't been able to find this cluster of 6 wires. White plastic side of the clip runs up the rigging tube toward the helm. But i'm in the dark on the engine harness side (green Plastic clip)


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Yes, I couldn't find a six wire connector in the schematic with those wires either.
It does list the trim connector as green though. Not sure if that might be a useful clue or not.

But, if those snipped wires are trim circuit then they should be in parallel with other parts of the circuit. So, if you probed the green or blue wire with a meter and activated a trim switch, you should see voltage there. I would only probe with a meter or computer safe test light until I knew for certain what they are connected to though.

Hoping you get it sorted out and post your progress here.

Good luck.


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The green 6 pin plug is for your gauge and alert system for the old digital gauges, the three wires left uncut are for your warning lights, the pre digital wiring only had a 3 pin plug. This has nothing to do with engine operation. Start by check your lanyard is operational and connected.


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Perhaps the attached diagram will help. It's for dual engines, but easy to figure out for a single engine. From the diagram, Green (G) wire is fuel pulse and Blue (Bu) wire is for "water in the fuel" which I assume is for the float signal from the onboard fuel/water separator.


  • Electrical Diagram Honda Digital Gauges Dual engines.pdf
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