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Date of my Graymarine engine


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I am new to this! I just purchased a Graymarine engine and need help dating the engine. I have included some photos. Any help would be great! Thank you in advance. Dan


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if the rules haven't changed, you need at least five posts before you can add pictures....which didn't show up.

a serial number would be key to dating the engine...the list I have goes up thru the mid 60's


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Thank you for the info. I did not know that. I was having trouble posting photos, but thought I was successful. It is a learning curve for me! I will try to post those various numbers. I sure would like to know the age Of the engine! Dan


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These are some of the numbers I located on the graymarine engine I am trying to find a date for. This is model 115, engine number F5939-1. The brass tag on the carburetor has what looks like two different concentric number sequences E64236M and S639C. Also there is a casting on the block 55050. Are any of these a clue to the motors age? Dan


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As above 1950-53, model 115, see attached. Other numbers on the block are casting numbers and nobody has those.
The files model 115 come from one page, but the forum limits a jpg to about 1000kb so I had to split and grayscale one.
Gray Marine is long gone, but if you need to overhaul, any decent automotive machine shop should be able to get pistons, rings, valves and maybe bearings. Rod bearings may be babbited. Gaskets would have to be hand made.
Sometimes ebay has someone parting out engines.


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