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Crusader 454 starts up then stalls 10 sec at idle getting gast

Starting up port engine that was winterized (crusader 454 xl) in a Carver 1997 355 aft. The engine starts up great and runs for about 10-15 sec at idle but then starts to stall and then does stall. Fuel was stabilized for winter. Have tried to make all filters ok, bypassed tanks and used 2-3 gallons of new fuel and same symptom. These engines gave us no problems last year. Boat maintained and in excellent condition. The only thing that we forgot was to put fuel separator filter on before starting the first time. That has been remedied. Fuel pump appears to be working.


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my first guess would be the oil pressure switch controlling the fuel pump...you can put a test light on the +12VDC lead going to the pump to see if the switch has failed...

If it has failed, be aware that they are crusader unique and very expensive...we have had a few threads on this topic discussing alternative remedies...may want to use the search function...