chrysler lm318 timing flywheel on TDC but harmonic balancer not.


I bought a set of 318's that were professionally rebuilt 10 years ago and have been sitting on a heated garage. Apparently the motors were started/tuned/ then been in storage. The motors are 1974 with dual impeller pump set up, no engine pump, etc...

I am taking the timing chain cover and water pump from my 1989 motors and putting them on the rebuilt motos I just bought (so I can set them up as full cooling). I didnt take a look at the timing chain gears when I had the timing cover off to verify they were set correctly. I have everything on the motor and I noticed when the #1 piston is at Top dead center, and the 0 degree mark on the flywheel is lined up with the pointer the harmonic balancer mark is not linned up with the 0 mark on the timming chain cover (its 90 degrees off). remember this timing chain cover was not originally for this motor. I even verified the distributer is pointing at #1 plug port. I spun the motor a few times thinking I was 180 degrees out, but everytime its the same. I assume since the flywheel has timing marks it can only go on one way? I just dont understand why the harmonic balancer mark is not lining up (the balancer is keyed).

The real way tp tell is remove the timing chain cover/water pump/all components but I dont want to do that if I dont have to.

The most accurate method used to locate true TDC, is the PPS procedure.
PPS = positive piston stop. You can find quite a bit of information on this just by doing a search.

I will warn you, or suggest that you use 30* split, rather than 10* or 15* on either side when doing the procedure.
A 30* split offers greater accuracy once the stop is removed.

Remember that TDC comes around twice for every completed 4 cycles.
When indexing your ignition distributor, make sure that you are on TDC C/S..... not TDC end of E/S.

Use the flywheel timing marks and pointer behind the bellhousing cover.

Don't worry about the timing chain cover marks.

My Marinette has a Chrysler 318 255hp with electronic ignition. my flywheel has missing teeth now (not sure why?)
So, can I remove the bell housing and flywheel while the boat is still in the water? it is a straight drive hooked up to a Velvet drive transmission. Really need help, my wife is set on selling my boat! :-(
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you can do it as you suggest though it may be easier to pull the whole assembly