Chrysler Crowns


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I have a 1952 Monk with twin Chrysler Crown 6 cylinder flatheads which I have just purchased and I am having trouble keeping the starboard engine running
The port engine has a ballast resistor attached to the coil but the starboard engine doesn’t. The starboard engine runs for about two hours and then the temperature rises quickly from 150-200 and the engine stalls. The coil is super hot at this point The local marine supply shop sold me a coil with an internal resistor but it won’t even give a spark at the plugs
I have checked the points,cap ( contacts)& rotor and they seem fine but the points were super hot after just a few cranks on the motor
Could this be a fault with the condenser or maybe a short in a wire?


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maybe the coil you were sold is NOT a viable replacement....

I would suggest keeping the parts the same on both engines...it allows more troubleshooting options, if needed.

you may want to check on the sister site - www.oldmaringengine.com - they have a following for the 'older' engines compared to us here...


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I had Crowns many years ago. They had 6v coil with a resister for 12v supply. The coil gets hot because w/o the resister you're running a 6v coil on 12v. They can get hot enough to explode. I had that happen in a WWII jeep. The points are hot for the same reason. I'd buy 2 new coils and resisters so both the engines are the same. I buy new points, too. In damp climate I had trouble with moisture collecting in the cap. Usually after a run and sitting overnight. I carried a couple spare caps. My engines were keel cooled so no heat or corrosion problems. If you're running fresh water as coolant you probably have a rust buildup either in the block & head or the exhaust manifold/exit. If you're cooling with salt water you have severe rust.