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Bukh DV20, gizmo under the valve cover...


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Hi again

One other interesting feature of my DV20: under the valve cover, in among the rocker arms, is a gizmo whose function I am just guessing at. It's a sort of coarse strainer mounted at the end of a 5/16" ID hose that in turn attaches to a fitting sticking up out of the top of the head. My guess is that it's some kind of crude rebreather or oil recirc... but I'm not sure.

Page C4 of the Workshop Manual clearly shows this gizmo, in about the middle of the exploded diagram; but there are no labels on the diagram so I don't know what Bukh calls it.

Anyway, its hose was so brittle that it snapped like a stick as I was trying to remove the gizmo. I replaced it for now with a length of 1/4" (tight fit!) fuel hose, just for engine testing purposes; but I'd like to know what the *right* kind of hose is and where to get some... and just what this gizmo is. The original hose seems to be hard, somewhat shiny plastic with a fibrous reinforcement; but it might have started out in life as something more flexible, only to be wrecked by decades of heat and oil.