Broken prop shaft


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I am a complete novice and took on rebuilding a 5 hp Ted Williams outboard that my grandfather gave me. After about a year of playing with it I finally got it running. However the prop had a crack in it and I decided to replace. The prop shaft was so old that while removing the prop, the shaft broke at the pin. I am completely at a lost at how to remove the broken shaft. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
You see that on some models due to a bad Stainless Steel batch,I heard it was to much Nickel n the alloy, my OMC SST big boat prop gets surface rust and its polished SS, or it use to be.

we need the sears model number should read "217-xxxxxx "
once you find it look it up at Searspartsdirect, do not expect Sears to have anything an what they do have is way over priced, you will need a used prop shaft, seals and bearings are no big deal
The model number is 217-59430 ..... I can get a prop shaft off of ebay, however I can not get the broken out? Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the broken prop shaft from this model?
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One thing I see in the manual that is common to the forward only Eska lower that will have to be removed,, there is a pin holding the drive gear that has to come out... this may be the only thing holding the shaft in,, but also there is a snap ring on the pinion,, I don't recall having to remove the snap ring on this model like we do on the F-N-R models, but I'm sure the forward gear roll pin must come out to free the shaft.