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" my name is cindy douglas, do

" my name is cindy douglas, douglas machine in slidell louisiana. a customer brought me a cylinder head off of a 1969 Pearson Titon Sailboat. the motor is a BMW marine diesel single cylinder. the casting number on the head is very hard to read but think it is D12 1932600S9U (the 6 & 9 could be 8). Number on the plate of the motor is 59108001594. the exhaust valve has a part number on it T-T 4408, the intake valve has a part number T-T 4438. What we need to know is can this head be milled, and how much, and valve recession spec, spring specs, valve lash, and torque specs. And we need to know if you have parts (gaskets, orings, rings for the piston, etc). also the exhaust valve is destroyed, we need one of them to, please let me know. thanks cindy "
Talk to Rich Langtry at V12 E

Talk to Rich Langtry at V12 Engineering in Ontario. He specializes in BMW marine diesels and will be able to answer your questions.


Brian Thorpe
"I am looking for either an ex

"I am looking for either an exhaust valve and seat for the BMW D 12 engine or a used head.
Luke Sterling
[email protected]"
" Folks:

My name is Do

" Folks:

My name is Doc Lamkin, I am an old Medic/Ranger. Right now, I am trying to help out a buddy. He is totally disabled. He loves boating . But, right now, his engine is down. It is a BMW clone, apparently farmed out to another company, but with a BMW logo on the side. It is a single sylender, water cooled, deisel engline, about 5 or six horse. I know how to do the work, but I need the specs. Please help me find the appropriate manual.

Thanks in advance.

Doc Lamkin "
"Hello to all of my fellow BMW

"Hello to all of my fellow BMW marine engine lovers. I am in the process of rebuilding a D-50. I found V-12 Engineering to be an invaluable source for parts, and there is a German company listed:


that supplies entire parts lists in PDF form right from their website. This is an incredible resource as the blow-up diagrams are very clear and OEM parts numbers are given for clear identification. They have a darn neaR COMPLETE stock of parts for the BM marine units as well.

For restorations, burned valves, pitted seats, cracked heads, rusted water jackets etc, THE shop is in Farmingdale, NY specializing in the ressurection of old & obscure marine engines. They can do just about anything with an engine. The company is Superweld, 111 Gaza Blvd, Farmingdale, NY and the manager's name is Roy. I recommend them highly. I was a longshorman working as a splicer for Moran Towing in NY harbor and shuttled many large diesel locomotive parts back and forth to Roy for refurbishment.

One interesting point I would like to add, Roy has been running this shop for 25 years and commented that the BMW marine engine is a "100 year design" meaning, if properly maintained and correctly laid up when out of service, these engines will indeed last a lifetime. Love your BMW Marine Diesel, and you will be richly rewarded.Please write, and feel free to exchange ideas.


-Jerry Mack
Echo Bay Marine"
" Hello,

I'm looking fo

" Hello,

I'm looking for a manual for BMW Marine D190. The proppelor ax off my Z-drive is bend. Is there anybody who can give me some advice how to replace this ax and where can i get a new one?


H. de Graaf
Den Helder
Holland "
anyone got an address for spar

anyone got an address for spare parts for my bmw b220 engine
Good Day fellow BMW Marine eng

Good Day fellow BMW Marine engine lovers
looking for a manual for a pair of BMW (MECRUISER)Diesels in a Sea Ray 1993 model These are a VM Model and Type D254 Engine number D0554074/5 CAN ANY ONE HELP
Geoff Baxby
"The D254 is NOT a BMW Marine

"The D254 is NOT a BMW Marine engine but a pure Mercruiser (VM).
You may get all needed manuals from Your Mercruiser distributor or supplier locally.
You may try to post in the Mercruiser forum, but suggest You drop 'BMW Marine".
"Hi, i have a 1987 bmw d-50 an

"Hi, i have a 1987 bmw d-50 and the circulating water pump isnt that crash hot,
I live in Australia & am wondering whether you can still buy these parts (new or used).(anywhere)
I am in the midst of replacing the circulating water pump, & raw water pump impeller & the 2 short hoses that go between the maniflod & the block & the pump & the block, & may aswell do the other water hoses while im down there, & am having a heck of a time getting the manifold off, 3 studs are tight as (i think thats all thats stopping it coming off) i think i'm going to try heat.
Any other suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!"
"can anyone tell me where I ma

"can anyone tell me where I may be able to source BMW D12 marine engine parts, if possible in australia, other wise overseas."
"I can supply you the name of

"I can supply you the name of the only worldwide official BMW Marine dealer: it's in Kenora, Ontario, Canada and able to supply you with all the parts you are looking for a D12. Company name is V12 Engineering, contact mr Rich Langtry. E-mail is [email protected]
Hope it will help. Very best regards."