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BMW D12 exhaust valve

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richard howling

Has anyone got an exhaust valv

Has anyone got an exhaust valve (new or in good condition) for a BMW D12 engine ? I live in Sydney Australia.


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"I can supply you the name of

"I can supply you the name of the only worldwide official BMW Marine dealer: it's in Kenora, Ontario, Canada and able to supply you with all the parts you are looking for a D12. Company name is V12 Engineering, contact mr Rich Langtry. E-mail is [email protected]"


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BMW d12 valve is available. i can provide you this exhaustive valve. please do contact men at 091-3551466
you can also give me your contact number so that we can make a contact easily


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Re: Has anyone got an exhaust valv

G'day Richard,
Try Hatz Diesel Aust they have D12 parts or any larger engine reconditioning machine shop should be able to come up with a match.

Cheers, Shakey.