BMW 30L 190HP inboard


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hi can any tell wot the BMW 3.

hi can any tell wot the BMW 3.0L 190HP inboard is like as i am thinking of buying a boat
"I have owned a B220 which I b

"I have owned a B220 which I believe is essentially the same motor and in my opion it is an extremely good engine. As long as you understand that most of these are old motors now.

Even though parts can be difficult to find it is not impossible, Even where I live, Australia.

Having owned both the BMW and Merc. 165's I actually think the BMW is a better motor.

The 2 worst features on the BMW are the placement of the distributor which is vunerable to accidental damage of the cap and leads because it sticks up out the righthand side of the block and the oil cooler which is nearly always corroded through electrolysis because it is in the raw water intake circuit and contains dissimilar metals. If it corrodes all the way through water will go straight into the oil circuit.

It is easily replaced... though relatively expensive and a better option is often to bypass it and use an automotive oil filter fitting off a E23 series vehicle or an external oil cooler/heat exchanger.

The engine will run quite happily without oil cooling provided everything else is in good condition. The Merc. 165's never had oil coolers.

Where the BMW sixes run into problems is if it is coupled to a stern drive.

The BMW sterndrive is actually a very nice piece of engineering but because it was short lived parts can be hard, but again not impossible to find. Certain aspects of the BMW drive are actually easier to work on than the Merc. like greasing the U joints though some mechanics would argue.

If it has been in salt water check in particular for corrosion near the swivel pins and where the hydraulic rams bolt to the yoke on the gimbal ring.

Owing a boat with a BMW engine is like owning any other boat, as long as you understand its function care and limitations you shouldnt have a problem. Like any other boat purchase check it out thoroughly and if you are not confident in yourself hire a mechanic to do it for you."