adding regulator rectifier yamaha outboard 2 stroke 30hp pull start


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Hello there,

i have a 2011 2 stroke yamaha 30hp pull start outboard. I want to pull power from it to charge a battery and my electronics. I located a pair of green wires under the cowling that are just hanging out and I believe if I purchase and install regulator rectifier that will enable me to achieve my goal.
Would love to know if i am on the right course and if so where and what i would need to get to get this happening.
I am based in Australia.


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Thanks for the information.

The parts catalog for a 30DMH indicates that it came with a lighting coil. That is the component that produces AC voltage that can be fed to a rectifier or a rectifier/regulator in order to charge a battery with DC voltage. The part with the two green wires that you note.

The parts catalog for the electric start version of your model shows that it has a rectifier only.

See items 7, 8, 9 and 10 in this illustration.