70hp orifice change

Thank you Racerone, I'll repost the results.
I found something upon my fuel pump inspection. The new fuel pump has an open hole between the 2 mounting screws, the mounting gasket has the same. The original does not. I purchased a rebuilt kit that was for this motor but...it was sized for the new pump that I was inspecting. Dungar Marine gas a video about servicing a Johnson evinrude fuel pump, and he talked about this hole in the pump at 12 minutes 20 seconds into the video. He says it's for vacuum. My motor does not have a vacuum port behind the fuel pump. It draws its pulse from another line at the bottom of the pump. I think this aftermarket pump should have come with a plug for the back and it would have worked fine. But I don't know! With the new aftermarket pump I was able to draw air and blow air through the hole! I think this is where my air in the lunes is coming from. I rebuilt the old pump and installed it. Pumped the bulb and it's holding pressure. I'll check in the morning if it leaks. If it doesn't I'm running out to the lake for yet another test. Fingers crossed I found my problem. If any of this post sounds incorrect please reply. I'll repost my results.