40hp Elgin problem


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i have a 40hp Elgin outboard the only numbers that are stamped on it is
110 and then to the right of it says 4051 then the other number is 60421
what does this mean? i am having probs trying to keep it running, i have spark and it fires but it is very rough idling and then if i put it in gear it bogges out. i did have it running full bore in neutral and it seamed it was running just fine but then i put it in gear and once again it bogged out, any idea on what i could do? thanks
Well, if the motor has been sitting for long and you havnt already, throw in some new spark plugs and remove the carbs and clean them out good,blow them out,use fresh fuel and I bet you will notice a difference.
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Found reference to motors made by McCulloch in 59. Model #S110A sold as Sears model 574-60421 which was Elgin branded at that time. Electric start. Someone over at http://www.aomci.org/ may have parts/service manual or advice on resetting the carb.