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1994 Sea Nymph Plastic repair


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Aquired a boat thats been sitting for several years and the helm / console has large pieces missing and some stress cracks in near areas. As far as I know looking at ABS type plastic, and looking to fill in the missing pieces, and bringing it back to life.

what would be a good way to tackle this project in the future?

Things I have looked into (plastic welding / melting screeding material into missing places)
Epoxy plastic putty / Bondo fiberglass
Fiberglass console - https://www.epoxyworks.com/index.php/repairing-my-boats-plastic-console/


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knowing what you have for a base material is key to finding a compatible repair material.

Many 'economic ' boats use short lifetime materials and you are usually better replacing the plastic vs attempting a repair...a longer lasting approach would be to custom fabricate a replacement console out of fiberglass... sometimes, one can find used assemblies at the marine junkyards...