1987 85 hp chrsyler force timing


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"hi iam working on a 85 hp for

"hi iam working on a 85 hp force 3 clyinder ,i need to know how to time it ,there is no degree tape or numbers on the flywheel,there is only a few line's marked on the flywheel ,i am not sure why u would want to short out the spark plug wires to the block for.wont that fry the coil packs or the cdi boxes ,how would ya pick up the signal from the #1 wire if it is grounded ,if any one has any info, that would be great thank u for your time"
"If you don't ground the p

"If you don't ground the plugs to the block, you WILL fry the coils and CDI !!! They generate so much voltage that if not grounded to the block so that the voltage can discharge across the plug, it will try to find any ground. many times the easiest path is internally in the CDI box, rendering it junk. I hope this explains it to you. You need to have the engine running to time it. There is also a static timing procedure. You really need to have a manual, Clymer is the best for a Force."
"hi ,when u are talking about

"hi ,when u are talking about gounding the wires are talking about grounding of the coils to the block ,if that is the case they came grounded from factory ,if thats what u are talking about please let me know thanks for your time"
"here is the procedure for sta

"here is the procedure for static timing, YES you must ground the plug wires to the block, the charge is still going through the wire to the block so the timing light still picks up the signal. Do this out of water, may still want to run water to your impeller to lube it so as not to put undo wear on it, if you do it in the water, remove the prop so your starter isn't trying to push the boat also.

Disconnect and ground all your plug wires (must ground them to the block or you can ruin electrical components),

Disconnect the neutral switch, I just wrap a piece of wire or tape around it to depress the switch (microswitch under the throttle tower),

Connect timing light to #1 cylinder,

Advance throttle control to WOT,

Have someone turn the key so the starter spins the motor and check the timing while it is spinning.

Stop, Adjust, Recheck

Set to 2 degrees less and it should be right on when it is actually running.

Here is a pic of how I ground my wires, one leaf of a steel hinge, some 1/4 20 bolts and a ground wire with a spring clamp on the end of it

Grounding Block Picture
"Also, TDC should be the mark

"Also, TDC should be the mark all by itself, if you still are not sure, you can remove the plug from cyl #1 and insert a thin screwdriver into the hole, try to keep it straight and turn the flywheel clockwise until the screwdriver is pushed out towards you as far as possible, that is TDC

To find the actual timing mark, you can do the math. Measure your flywheel to the nearest 1/16 inch, convert to a decimal. and divide it by 360 (for 360 degrees around total flywheel) that answer will be a measurement for each degree before your TDC mark. So if for example you are setting to 30 Deg BTDC you will take your answer times 30 and get a physical measurement for the actual timing mark.

Any questions just post or email"
Timing does not normally go out of adjustment.----What is your motor doing / not doing ?----If you post information and answer questions there are folks who can help you.