1947 Elgin Powerhead Parts for Sale


Well my attempt at getting my 1947 5.5 Elgin going was a failure. I talked with every outboard mechanic within a reasonable distance of me and none would even look at it due to its age. My son-in-law and I finally decided to have a go at it on our own. We spent a month of piddling with it to no avail. I honestly cant figure it out. It got fuel, it had enough spark on both cylinders to about make sonny boy wet his drawers. I had fresh gas with the 16:1 mix it called for on the motor (1/2 pt oil to 1 gal of gas). We checked reed valves, they looked like new. We never even got it to hit. May be a carb prob but it got gas seemingly well. Soooo I tore it down again with the idea of having another friend take a look but he has backed out on me and to be honest I'm just tired of messing with it. I found another power head and got it going so now I have all the parts from the old power head (which looks better than the other one I got). I am offering them up for sale if anyone is interested. I don't check e-mail or the internet very often but I do Text. I am deaf so Texting is all I can do. If you are interested Text me about parts and I can text pics and work out the deals. My number is:1-573-205-3139