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    Default VP 4.3 gl spinning starter (intermittent)

    Hello all. I posted a few days ago but figured I would include a little more info. Long story short I have an intermittent issue where my starter is spinning and not engaging the flywheel. Battery has tested good. Starter is good. Ring gear teeth are in good shape. I was able to get a break in the rain today and got the multimeter out and did some voltage drop readings. Here is what I found. Hopefully someone smarter than me can tell me what they mean lol

    red to red battery post
    Black to red terminal on starter
    Cranked engine and showed 2.3 milivolts

    red on starter case
    Black on black battery terminal
    Cranked engine and had 5.3 millivolts

    black on s terminal of starter
    Red to positive battery terminal
    Read 12.71volts (not cranking)
    Cranked engine and read 12.67 volts

    from everything I have read the first 2 should have shown a zero drop or very minimal. I did clean connection today. Cleaned the ground where the starter relay is and Iíll be darned the thing fired right up. Was able to crank it 2 more times and then back to the spinning starter issue.

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    Default Re: VP 4.3 gl spinning starter (intermittent)

    Ayuh,..... Clean to shiny metal Clean, both ends of both battery cables,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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