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Thread: Which coolant??

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    Default Which coolant??

    My 4.3 Volvo Penta needs coolant, what coolant do I use? Iíve heard car coolant is ok/NOT ok. Most auto parts stores have the pink stuff but Iím certain thatís not it.

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    you don't say which vintage you have...your owners manual should give you a good guide (or you local dealer could as well)...

    FWIW, volvo rarely deviates from GM's recommendations and they went to DEXCOOL for most product lines a while back...older iron engines will usually tolerate the 'older green' glycol variants well...

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    Default Re: Which coolant??

    Ayuh,..... The 4.3 is a cast iron motor, so it probably has green coolant in it,.....

    Just add more of the color that's in it now,.....

    Auto, 'n marine are the same,.....
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    It’s a 2003, I’ll just go with 50/50 green, thanks

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    Default Re: Which coolant??

    I prefer the concentrate (you add water) for total fill ups and the ready to use for top offs.
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