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    2016 Merc 4-stroke 150 XL / RPM's

    New to me, 2016 sailfish with twin 150xl's, 260hrs. From what I've read these motors are supposed to output between 5000-5800rpms WOT, and I'm only getting around 4500, which puts me around 35mph. Honestly, I don't need to go faster, the boat gets up and out very well, even with 10 people on...
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    Starboard/Port Engine Labels for Smartcraft

    How much work is it for a dealer/mechanic to rename, or whatever it is they do, the engines? I picked up a Smartcraft module to hook up to my Garmin, but the engines need to be renamed for the Garmin to recognize both engines. Right now they both show up as the starboard engine.
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    150 XL Fuel / Water Separator

    Do the 150 XL’s have a fuel / water separator? I’ve looked around and don’t see anything that looks like one….if it’s not standard, why don’t they have one?
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    Fuel Additives / Treatments

    I’m new to the four stroke outboard game, I’m running twin 2016 150 XL’s with low hours. I’m curious what people use for additives at every fill up? I’m meticulous about maintenance so I want to do my best to keep all aspects of the engine in tip-top shape, and most importantly running great!
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    Steering Leak

    I have a very mild leak coming from steering column, I've tried tightening down the circled screw in the picture, but its still leaking a bit..as you can see. What's a good fix for this?
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    Anyone installed the Merc Flo-Torq hubs

    interesting, I’d love to know more about the different types, know anywhere I can read more about them? I googled that, but didn’t come up with much.
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    Anyone installed the Merc Flo-Torq hubs

    2016, just over 270hrs each
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    2016 Mercury 150 4-stroke Tilt/Trim Issue

    one of my 150's is definitely sticky, but with a couple up/down clicks it goes down....hasn't stuck yet.
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    Anyone installed the Merc Flo-Torq hubs

    I have twin 150 XL's, the shift clunk drives me nuts. Looking for some feedback on the Flo-Torq hubs. How much do they help?
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    mercury 150 is not overheating but when i flush it with a garden h mercury 150 hp. ose no water comes out the telltale

    Not to hijack your forum @HTIMS57 , but I was having the same issue yesterday, same motor (I have twins) only mine are 2016. According to Mercury, it doesn't matter if the engine is in running or in tilted position, and the engine should be off. My engines pee just fine when idol and running...