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    Very stiff steering

    The boat is 17' 1988 sunbird with a 1988 Evinrude. The steering is always stiff, but if I turn the wheel all the way or close to all the way to the right, it takes serious muscle to turn it back. I have greased and regreased every moving part and it does not seem to help. I am looking for ideas...
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    Trouble shooting 1988 Evinrude water pump issue

    This weekend my son started the motor twice at relatively high rpms with the lower unit out of the water. Each time the motor ran for no more than 2 seconds. An hour or so later I noticed that what used to be a steady stream of water out of the motor was a trickle. The water trickling out was...
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    15 hp won't start

    My two stroke 15 hp Evinrude always starts in the first couple pulls. I pulled the gas line and ran the carb dry. When I plugged it back in, pumped the ball and tried to restart it, it won't start. I know gas is getting to the carb because I pulled the gas line out of the carb and gas under...
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    1988 Evinrude 88 hp SPL lower unit question

    Will the lower unit off a 1995 Evinrude 88 hp spl work on a 1988 Evinrude 88 hp spl? How do I confirm something like this before I buy the lower unit?