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    Mercruiser 4.3 w/ TKS fuel pump runs 24/7

    i suggest you start a new post and add a link to it on this so anyone having this issue can follow. this post is a year and half old.
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    troubleshoot no spark on a 60hp 4 stroke merc

    looking for a diagnostic chart for no spark, i have a 60hp mecrc, not sure of the year serial # is a923404 i need info on testing the ignition system. the tests i found do not have the same colored wires as this motor does
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    89 omc, cobra very hard to shift to neutral

    ok, so this boat has a new cable, fully adjusted with factory tools, the shift interupt switch is operating as designed, the micro switches as well, when in reverse and going into neutral the shift assist kicks in, the shift linkage arm(for lack of better words) lifts up, activating the shift...
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    seriously need some experts help on this one, no water exiting manifolds

    ok, so i had a post earlier about this but i want to consolidate. this is a 2004 5.7 MPI. bravo set up. with standard cooling system with no upper hoses to the elbows the boat came to me overheating. previous owner replaced impeller thermostst (aledgedly) and inspected the manifolds. (yeah...
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    2004 merc 350 mag mpi high temps on new dry joint manifolds, one thing after another with this boat

    have an issue where this boat has readings on new manifolds and riser of over 180 degrees, back story ,the boat was overheating terribly and the previous owner had another mechanic run tests where he pulled the thermostat and "allegedly" pulled the risers for inspection. which he said were fine...
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    anyine got an easy way to flush a p/s system of water?

    i have a boat that took on a lot of water due to a broken bilge pump, it got up to the top of the p/s pump. the system has quick connects on the steering rack so that may make things easier. anyone have any success with flushing this systme out that doesnt involve major surgery?
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    looking for an alternative to 8M6000623 - water pressure Sensor

    I know this is a GM sensor but i can not find the right one. i got an ac delco 12677837 but the thread size is 3/8 and the sensor i pulled from the engine is 1/4" this is the sensor that reads the water pressure for the sea pump.
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    looking for measurements for v/p sx-a trim pistons

    i have a 2009 v/p and believe the trim pistons are not going to full extension and was hoping someone out there with the same setup could give me a measurement from center of pin to center of pin. i have 19 3/4" full extension. i really think this drive should be able to go up further. i pulled...
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    any tips on replacing the prop shaft seals on a dp-sm outdrive?

    ii've read the manual, i have the spanner tool to remove the retainer from the case but it looks like i need the puller to pull the outer shaft from the drive. which i do not have/ anyone have a work around for this? this thing is over 2oo bucks.
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    loooking for a manual for a duo prop outdrive, i need to replace prop shaft seals

    does anyone have access to a manual on line? i need to replace the seals in the carrier and between the 2 shafts and i have never done a duo prop before.
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    can anyone identify this shift assy?

    i need to get parts and maybe a whole replacement but i 1st need to identify the model. the upper shifter cable has a lot of play in it and wilo not shift into forward, only reverse. the lower cable is fine but at the shift bracket i can pull and push the upper cable in & out a good inch or...
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    any ideas on getting a starter out of a 5.7 when the bolt heads are stripped studs frozen?

    i tried all possible ways to get this out. 1st off, the bolt heads are 9/16 heads, not 1/2 so the bolt closest to the bellhousing is impossible to get too with a decent socket and wrench is impossible. the other bolt, close to the bolock has the head stripped and before it stripped i could not...
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    2014 mercruiser serial # 2a191194 dtc 321 & 322

    hi all, i have this boat that is throwing 2 hard codes, 321 & 322 which refer to the O2 system. ive erased them and they come back within and hours time running. the boat goes into closed loop and the sensors are dancing but i can't find info on what their perameters should be and i can't find...
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    looking for an alternative to V/P fuel injector 3858969

    anyone have a cross reference for the WAY overpriced v/p injectors? its just a gm injector.
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    where do you find a muffler for a 350 crusader, 86 searay with 2 side intakes, and 1 top out?

    i can't seem to find them on line, i see lot of 1 in ,1 out but nothing with 2 in. as stated, its a 350 crusader in an 86 searay
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    who sells replacement MEFI 5 ECM's?

    i purchased a replacement ECM directly from Marine Power and what i got looked like it was on a shelf for 10 years and before that was under water. i called to voice my concerns and they said they were running out of repalcement MEFI 5 ecms and thats what they had available. meanwhile I paid...
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    does a 99 5.7 thunderbolt 4 ignition system have a rev limiter?

    i can't find any posts regarding this issue. hope to clarrify if ther is a problem or not. it seems that the ignition breaks down when goosing the throttle in gear over 4500, i had a timing light hooked up reading the rpms and over 4500 the rpms got all scattered.
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    engine pinging and backfires and stalls

    ok guys, this one is kicking my ass and has me going nuts. new engine installed, 5.7, thunderbolt 5 with knock sensor. 4 barrel weber. proffesionally rebuilt carb, new knock sensor, new mechanical fuel pump, new ignition sensor and coil, new plugs, wires, installed remote fuel tank to insure...
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    alpha 1 gen !!, anyone ever see a drive build up enough pressure to blow out theinput shaft seal?

    not sure if this is the case but i can not find where this leak is coming from and since there is only 1 location in the driveshaft bellows if has to be coming fro mthe input shaft seal. i removed the drive after seeing the reservoir bottle go low morethan once, sure enough there is oil in...
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    marine power 340HP no communication with ECM detected on scanner and dash

    i am working on a 2008 marine power and it started fine this season, but once in the water she died after running like crap, now i get no crank, dash info says no power detected from ECM. i also, if anyone knows were the engine info is located, i would like to see that as well. its a small block...