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    Yanmar 8LV370 and ZT370 sterndrive loss of power issue

    Sadly people report problems but not the solution. My guess was water or moisture in the bildge. Corroded contacts, loss of signal to drive ECU and u have full story to read. Each time i inspect the boat i start with signs of water or moisture and what it can do. Checking wire harness and any...
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    Yanmar ZT370 all kinds of problems

    I will throw some ideas on the table - lower gear vertical shaft free travel. On power engagement the gears are pushed outside each other. Shiming of lower gear is solid and all good. But in my case the vertical shaft has ... 2mm vertical travel play. That compromises "gear back lash"...
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    Yanmar ZT370 all kinds of problems

    Interesting and sad to read. I have twin instalation. Runs 800h and then issues started. However now trying to fix and opened the drive. Could shear findings and info. U can write me [email protected]