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    Fuel pump diaphragm

    Racerone I see in '68 they switch to a different style fuel pump. Part #438559 Can this be installed on a '66 80hp?
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    Fuel pump diaphragm

    Is this ok to use with the corner missing? Thanks
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    Gasket Sealant

    Is Permatex Aviation Sealant an equivalent to Marprox Sealer 1000 or OMC Adhesive or Boat Armor Sealer 100?
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    Marprox Sealer 1000 or OMC Adhesive or Boat Armor Sealer 100
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    Head Gaskets

    What's the difference in the two head gaskets? Do both need sealant? Thanks
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    Cap and Plug Wires

    Working on a '66 80hp Johnson. Is there a way to test the distributor cap and plug wires with a multi meter to see if they're good?
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    '66 Johnson 80hp Electramatic

    Does anyone know if the two coils in the gearcase are interchangeable? They have different part numbers-forward(378549), reverse(378655). I want to make sure before I put together. Thanks
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    1980 25hp Choke Knob

    How does the choke knob come off on a 1980 25hp? Thanks
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    Linkage Synchronization '99 Johnson 40 hp

    I think you're right, after looking at new ones on Ebay it's worn out. I have one coming. I attached a pic of the carb roller. How does it look to you? I found a SELOC manual online and it doesn't mention lining up roller with the two arrows either. It did say after 1994 the 7 13/16"...
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    Linkage Synchronization '99 Johnson 40 hp

    Adjusted the linkage on my '99 Johnson 40 hp according to the measurements in the service manual. 2 1/2" for the spark control rod(yellow arrows) and 1/2" for the idle speed screw(white arrows). I found a OMC video on Youtube. See link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qigy9Ryha2A It shows...
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    Test Propeller

    Does anyone know the part number for a 1999 40 hp Johnson test propeller? Thanks
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    Chirping/Squealing noise from throttle control

    Replaced my VRO with a pre-mix fuel pump. VRO was bad and didn't want to mess with it. Engine starts and runs good, but a chirping/squealing sound is coming from the throttle control. It's not loud just annoying. Good stream from pee hole. Appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Starter Cleaning

    How should I clean the rust off this starter housing and armature? Thanks
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    Carb Question

    Working on a Johnson 40hp J40PLEEA. Was thinking about rebuilding the carbs and noticed they are different than the ones my manual shows. They are OMC 432439. My parts manual shows they should be OMC 439458. The major difference I see is mine doesn't have the carb cover (part #2) shown in...
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    Power Trim Wire

    I'm working on a '99 Johnson 40hp model J40PLEEA. I found this white wire which leads to the power trim. Can anyone tell me where it connects? Thanks
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    Fuel Pump

    I have a 1999 Johnson 40hp with oil injection. Model J40PLEEA. Is the the VRO fuel pump? Thanks
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    Lake Help

    Finally purchased our lake home in the Ozarks. Put our '60 Starcraft on with an '66 80 hp Evinrude Starflite. Starts and idles fine, but when I get half throttle it revs up and then drops. Goes about half the speed it use to. Always has preformed well back at home. Appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Pictured are two flywheels. One is off a 1966 80hp Johnson and the other off a 1966 80hp Evinrude. I posted in an earlier thread but not sure if I'm asking or understanding how this system works. I've drawn a red arrows to the rotors inside the flywheels. One looks like original paint on...
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    Rusty Stator& Flywheel

    It looks like there's some paint over-spray on the magnets. I just pulled this flywheel. Should I clean the areas where the arrows are pointing? If so, how? Thanks