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    Tohatsu 140hp

    Well gotta do what you gotta do. I feel we more than often then not we all lean that way with the occasional wiggle to brilliant
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    Tohatsu 140hp

    BTW Suzuki 150 is weighing in at 500 lbs to Tohatsu's 140 at 396 lbs
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    Tohatsu 140hp

    yes but does it have the troll feature? I can tell you out of 900 motors we have sold( TOHATSU) 3 have ever come in for warranty work at all. But, you must go with your gut. 5 year warranty as well. Godd luck!
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    Tohatsu 140hp

    Awesome motors with a power rating closer to that of a 150. Also, all Tohatsu 140's come with the troll feature built right into the ECU
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    1979 OMC 230, Model: 990245S Starter Replacement

    or.....https://www.marineengine.com/parts/omc-parts/omc-boat-parts.php?year=1979&hp=140&model=990245S&manufacturer=OMC+stern+drive&section=Starter+Motor+Group+120%2C+140+Models+Stern+Drive here at our hosts
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    90 hp 2 stroke and water seperator

    I believe the filter should be before the primer bulb assembly