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    Engine identification help

    Ed thank you, resizing worked.
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    Engine identification help

    Friends boat (think Colvic fisher) been asked to service it. Any clues as to engine model/bhp, and oil capacity. Oil filter is the paper in removeable canister type, ie the messy bugger. I cannot see any id plate, owner reckons boat is 30 years old, I suspect it is older. Few checks suggests...
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    Synthetic oil for TAMD41pa

    I have personally had syn oil cause a massive increase in oil consumption, back to cold school mineral and it was all good again. This was on a landrover 300tdi engine, tough onld unit, 2 valve per cylinders, bosch ve pump, direct injection, ring any bells? Around the same time the large fleet...
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    TAMD 63 Alternator charging light and alarm coming on intermittently

    Disconnect solar, do not use shore power for a while and see how you get on.