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    Should I worry? to buy A 80 hours used Yamaha outboard (3 yr old).

    I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole, and I've been a Mercury guy my entire life., but not 4 stroke Mercs. I still have 2 stroke Mercs I bought new in 1995 and 1998 that have over a 1000 hours on them and run perfect and look new and have never been to a dealer for anything, but they're...
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    1971 110 Phase Maker spark issue

    PM me your phone number and I'll text you the images from the factory service manual for this ignition system.
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    Should I worry? to buy A 80 hours used Yamaha outboard (3 yr old).

    Funny, I just did the same thing. Bought a 2021 Bennigton pontoon with a 115SHO with 77 hours, it did have the scheduled service at 10 hours when new, runs perfect. Buy the 100 hour service kit which includes the oil, gearlube, filters, etc. I'm putting in an impeller for good measure. Buy it...
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    1971 110 Phase Maker spark issue

    Did you check the high speed coil and the large capacitor?
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    1970s Merc 4hp--fuel gets into pump but not the carb

    Collapased fuel line inards between the pump and carb or stuck float valve in carb. Is you fuel pump mounted directly to the carb or a later model with the small mikuni pump?
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    blue strip 7.5 wont come out of reverse

    Look for stuck/binding reverse lock linkage keeping you from shifting back into neutral and forward. Is there a tilt pin in it? Where are the "claws" that grab the tilt pin? See if the claws will move up and down. I'm making the assumption that you've checked the gearcase and it has oil and not...
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    Smoking and misfiring 2002 90hp Mercury

    Excessive smoke can be caused by a faulty 2 psi oil check valve or an internal leak in the oil pump that is dumping oil into the crankcase. Is the engine leaking oil on to the ground?
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    1972 Mercury 4 HP (40) 2 stroke running backwards (counter clockwise).

    My it was an original south of the equater motor, where nature runs counterclockwise
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    Mercury 2 stroke 100hp outboard lower end interchange

    Depends on serial number, both should have the 3 jaw reverse clutch. It was later changed to the 6 jaw reverse clutch the required an upper shift shaft change.
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    Cant find lower unit for 1995 40HP 4cyl 2-stroke

    Well then replace the propshaft and new seals. There are tons of NOS parts out there. Get the part number, google it, and start searching. Not rocket surgery. :)
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    Cant find lower unit for 1995 40HP 4cyl 2-stroke

    Get the gearcase pressure and vacuum tested to see where the leak is coming from then decide what parts you need before you throw the baby out with the bathwater. As for the 30 year old powerhead, first, the 44 cu in 4 cylinder powerheard has been around since the late 1950's and was one of the...
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    1994 125hp ELPTO - weird issue

    look at the accelerator pump diaphragm or the small injection filters on the starboard side of the engine.
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    Mercury mariner 110 9.8 hp won’t start

    No points on this it's a 1975. Full CDI
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    1978 Mercury 200 20hp help

    You do know it is left hand thread...Yes?
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    Forward instantly shifts to reverse??? No neutral

    It is not engineered that way.The spanner nut is to be tight, like a good tap fit with a mallet. You have shims in front of the bearing carrier for proper reverse gear to pinion lash. I suspect you have damage to the shift cam from the engine being shift into reverse without the propeller...
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    1984 Mercury 4.5. Pinion gear help

    No photo shown, but very interested to see how the drain screw could interfere with the shift issue on this gearcase.
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    1984 Mercury 4.5. Pinion gear help

    That tab will bend out so you can access the pinion screw. Tight area, you just have to finagle a fulcrum and a screw driver to bend it out. I don't reuse them, replace with a new one.
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    1976 4 HP Evinrude

    First, the engine has a fixed high speed jet (No knob). So if you are thinking you are adjusting a high speed jet (as you mentioned), you are adjusting the low speed jet, which you may have set too lean as you come off of full throttle it begins to backfire and spit.
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    Can I remove drive shaft housing without pulling powerhead

    So far, all you have proven is that water is flowing through the block and the tell tale is plugged. Take the hose off where it comes out of the block and see if it is plugged there.