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    "Re: Toney's leaking 6DS7

    "Re: Toney's leaking 6DS7 Mitsubishi diesel. Iam not familiar with that engine but I think that you should find out if it has wet cylinder liners, if so one of the liner seal may be leaking. So you...
  2. "I have discovered the source

    "I have discovered the source of the leak. there is a small chip out the edge of the plastic thermostat cover. So all I need do is get new thermostat cover. Something else about this engine, I...
  3. "I bought a 2000 8 hp extra lo

    "I bought a 2000 8 hp extra long shaft outboard a year ago for trolling and auxiliary on my 28'displacement craft. It worked wonderfully this season, a great relacement for the Seagull.
    When I...
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