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    Re: Under Hood Temps

    Believe it or not there are actually regulations written for this. If the engine cover is the original, then it should be providing adequate ventilation to keep temps only slightly above ambient. In...
  2. Re: 2006 Mercruiser 8.1 Horizon S MIE Single point drain question...

    The correct term for this kind of fitting is a "collet". These are used with both fluid and air on plastic (nylon) lines. To install or remove the plastic hose, you push in on it to relieve the grip...
  3. Re: Chips in gel coat. Are they necessary to repair?

    This look like more than chips. Those are deep gouges. In order to repair those properly they have to be ground out to a shallow bowl shape which will allow filling with glass mat. This is surfaced...
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    Re: help with prop

    You don't need more prop, you need more engine
  5. Re: Compression and water/coolant in cylinder

    Do you have the manual? Water in engine troubleshooting guide is on page 1C-22. If you need a pdf copy of the manual you can get one here:...
  6. Thread: High oil PSI

    by o2batsea

    Re: High oil PSI

    You don't need multi-vis since you aren't operating in sub freezing conditions. Straight SAE 30 is what I put in mine.
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    Re: Machine shop quote

    I'm more amazed that there is a machine shop that isn't backed up 8 months
  8. Re: Replacing Mercruiser controls with Kobelt; trim switch and gauge questions

    Dual station trim sender part number 805130A6. not a fun process to swap these out. You can keep the trim limit switch.
  9. Re: Replacing Mercruiser controls with Kobelt; trim switch and gauge questions

    gauge and trim wiring examples are available in the Quicksilver Catalog on this website.
  10. Re: Broken bell housing & gimbal ring, should I buy or run from it?

    Good used engine to dash harness is relatively inexpensive on eBay. You can also buy new thru our hosts. Look at page 202 of the Quicksilver catalog. Click on the blue part numbers and you'll be...
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    Re: The best 2 stoke oil!?!?

    Castor bean oil has been the standard for over 100 years.
  12. Re: Motors runs for a second and won't keep going.

    Fuel starvation. Sounds like it's gonna be you and the fuel system are gonna be bros soon. First suspect area will be any fuel filters, the fuel pump, then the carb float chambers. An 02 might not...
  13. Re: what is this fuel system valve and what does it do?

    Looks to me like the fuel pressure regulator. The vacuum line goes to intake manifold. The hard line coming out of the bottom should be the return line.
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    Re: 318 Re-Manufactured Advice

    As long as you're doing a repower, I would say that you should do a thorough check of the hull particularly the engine beds, stringers and any place that you won't be able to access when the new lump...
  15. Re: What are the consequences of putting a 40 hp on my 14' valco?

    You can put over 2000 horsepower on a 14 footer.
    Little more if it's 16
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    Re: Is this a possibility? Alpha one

    Start with this:
    Installation and Adjustments - Brunswick Marine in EMEA ...http://download.brunswick-marine.com › drives

    Don't be alarmed it will simply download the install manual to your...
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    Re: Manifold Crack in Volvo 4.3 GXI

    Clearly they charged you for service that was never done. Now they can pay for whatever damage they are responsible for. I suspect they bet on a mild winter.
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    Re: 10.5 exhaust riser stud hunt!

    McMaster Carr has stainless studs/threaded rod in the length you seek
  19. Re: Broken bell housing & gimbal ring, should I buy or run from it?

    put the nuts on the studs, then beat the heck out of it. The studs can be replaced even if you bungle them all up.
  20. Re: Broken bell housing & gimbal ring, should I buy or run from it?

    There shouldn't be any adhesive, but that doesn't mean that someone didn't take it off and then silicone it back on. If you are replacing the whole drive then don't be too ginger with it. Beat on the...
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