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  1. Re: Sterndrive Oil Leaking - I know where, just don't know how to fix!

    I really cant tell from the pics, but that looks like the gear lube line from the transom to the bellhousing. This allows lube from the lube bottle on the engine to refill the drive as needed. Is the...
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    Re: Lower swivel pins

    I would suspect due to age yours is probably corroded on I would try some heat on it
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    Re: Coolant leak in new engine 5.7 sbc

    I would think it either has a press in core plug or threaded pipe plug. Whats in there now ? Per sandkickers comments if you go a reman or new long block the supplier should figure it out or at least...
  4. Re: Replace mechanical fuel pump or keep electric on Mercruiser 170?

    In the description it mentions some detail about port location makes it sound like it wont fit all years with out fuel line mods.

    My 3.0 ran fine for 25 years with just the filter on the fuel...
  5. Re: Replace mechanical fuel pump or keep electric on Mercruiser 170?

    If the replacement electric pump is a marine pump and is properly wired through and oil pressure switch id leave it. If its scabbed in replace with a mechanical pump. Id suspect that some one just...
  6. Thread: help with prop

    by Dieter

    Re: help with prop

    Unless you add more power you will get either more top speed or better hole shot not both at the same time

    What prop and pictures currently on your boat and what is the wide-open throttle RPM You...
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    Re: Manifold Crack in Volvo 4.3 GXI

    Yeah freeze damage for sure.i bet they didn't drain it and sucked antifreeze through the muffs... they should replace the manifold and watch for water in the oil likely you will see a cracked block...
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    Re: Mechanic's Neglignce?

    Yeah they should tear it down for inspection on their dime. Unless you also had a gimbal go bad at same time yes bearings in drive are screwed... ironically the bearings prefer oil over water as...
  9. Re: 2005 Volvo Penta 3.0 Dies when put into gear

    YOu need to set the idle speed screw which will be on where the throtle linkage attches to the throttle lever on the carb. YOu may want to do a basic tune up like plugs set the timing and set the...
  10. Re: Broken bell housing & gimbal ring, should I buy or run from it?

    Thats a good sign i would run it on the ground before it goes back in check for leaks knocks etc measure the oil pressure as well.
  11. Thread: Questions

    by Dieter

    Re: Questions

    In theory if you can read both (OMC and merc) wiring diagrams and figure out how to wire it in yes. Do you have the wiring between distributor and module especially if there are any connectors?

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    Re: 1989 mercruiser 5.0 leaking water

    The water circ pump is right on top of the timing cover check there, especially the back plate
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    Re: 4.3 MPI Single Point Drain Issue

    The single point drain in theory drains evrything from that location. In practice what is seen that debris and sand tend to plug the small hoses that go from the ball shaped housing to all the drain...
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    Re: mercruiser 3.0 interchange help

    The flywheel and coupler changed in 1990 even though yours is a 90 it could go either way as the cut over isn’t 100 % on the year depending on how many are in the que.
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    Re: Advice needed for Cylinder Heads

    Yes any non vortec head with the same chamber volume should work. Smaller or larger chamber volume would raise or lower compression ratio. I would think a good machine shop would have something you...
  16. Re: Mercruiser Bluewater 7.4L Inboard - Cold Start Issue

    Great end to this as it is always the simple $hit... that paint is good for corrosion resistance but can hangup linkages etc
  17. Re: Need help with Shift cable adjustment for engaging reverse

    This guy is pretty knowledgeable. https://youtu.be/-s_tgevX2aI
  18. Re: Brand new bellows job for customer - both filled with seawater after 3 months?

    I think your customer meant the bilge pump cam on drained the battery and the bellows filled from the inside
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    Re: Hydrolocked in the parkinglot

    I dont see the need unless it is damaged
  20. Re: Broken bell housing & gimbal ring, should I buy or run from it?

    I see that has a drive with it (or at least the driveshaft sticking through the gimbal) - just beaware that the drive ratio for a V6 or V8 is different from the 4 cylinder drive ratio if you were...
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