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    Re: Mercruiser 4.3 starter

    and your boat starter is also IGNITION PROTECTED
  2. Re: Mercruiser 3.0 Engine Alignment Problems

    then you cant be low in the back, can you lower the front adjusting nuts more
  3. Re: Mercruiser 3.0 Engine Alignment Problems

    without pics of the rear mounts it hard to tell, can you rotate the fibre washers or is the rear of the motor sitting on them?
  4. Re: Stern Drive Control Panel -- 1969 Hydroswift Mercruiser Stern Drive.

    look at the center of the gimbal all the way on top in the steering arm is where its at
  5. Re: Stern Drive Control Panel -- 1969 Hydroswift Mercruiser Stern Drive.

    probable because the limit switch is bad but using the top 2 buttons will raise it all the way and the bottom button will lower it. Forget trying to repair it, the switch is no longer available
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    Re: Milkshake in 2003 4.3L Mercruiser

    being on different sides of the block I doubt its a gasket problem. was it winterized properly?
    pulling the heads is the first place to start, you can examine the head gasket and bores and post the...
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    Re: trim pump solenoid

    click to enlarge
  8. Re: 1994 Wellcraft Eclipse 196S Sport Motor Wont Budge

    These bolts?
  9. Re: 1994 Wellcraft Eclipse 196S Sport Motor Wont Budge

    then you missed something, recheck you procedure
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    Re: Alpha 1 Stern Drive knocking noise

    Did you also replace the gimbal bearing?
  11. Re: Lower Unit won't go back one - Can't get into forward gear

    Shift into full fwd gear from the control box. shidt shaft must be in a straight line.
    Rotate lower shift shaft fully clockwise , should be in a straight line with prop locked CCW.
    Raise lower unit...
  12. Re: Lower Unit won't go back one - Can't get into forward gear

    I dont know of any alpha 1 with a speedo hooked to the drive, the GEN II however does have it.
    Does the lower have a splined shift shaft or a SS one bent at a 90
  13. Thread: High oil PSI

    by Bt Doctur

    Re: High oil PSI

    If a Hi-Vol oil pump was installed be careful about sucking the pan dry
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    Re: Best spark plug 350 Mercruiser Mag

    plugs only produce spark, popping /backfiring can be intake valves, lean decel popping, cap/rotor damage.
  15. Re: Replacing Mercruiser controls with Kobelt; trim switch and gauge questions

    any DPDT center of momentary switch will work ,dash mounted
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    Re: 4.3 MPI Single Point Drain Issue

    copper fittings work very well and you can add a drain plug to it
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    Re: 1989 mercruiser 5.0 leaking water

    timing cover has no bearing for a water leak. 2 core plugs on either side of the block but no water under the cover
  18. Re: 2006 8.1 Horizon S electrical help needed.

    starting at the starter, power comes from the battery cable .On this post is the battery cable and a plastic squarish block that has a Red and Orange connected together The REd is main system power...
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    Re: Is this a possibility? Alpha one

    dosent help him ,he has a alpha 1 that I think he only dropped the lower and installed it incorrectly
  20. Re: Desperate at this point. Alpha one. Please help

    the shift system of a Alpha need to be in full fwd to remove the drive without damage. If only dropping the lower you need to understand how to put it back together. Best way is place the lower in a...
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