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  1. Re: Caterpillar C18 Port Side Engine not starting

    guess they opt'd not to use the color standards...

    the relay feeds B+ to the starter's solenoid to engage it. The relay is 'close' to the starter so it minimizes the length of wire in that...
  2. Re: Motor Identification Help "General Motors Diesel"

    the block casting number suggests you have a detroit 3-71...

    you need to full model number to figure out what it is...and there are plenty of references on the www....the model number should look...
  3. Re: How To? Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI Alternator and Serpentine Belt Replacement

    try youtube....

    disconnect the battery and its very likely you will have to remove the link arm to the pump to change the belt...
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    Re: 4.3 gxi-p cranks but won't run

    assuming the injectors are firing, do you have spark? a clip on timing light is usually the fastest way to validate it...
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    Re: cracks behind battery??

    I'd say it doesn't look like any impact damage....if the material in the 'gap' solid or soft??? my guess is they put a sealer in there and it didn't stick too well because of the release compound...
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    Re: RH Crusader distributor

    the '99 and up "decoder ring" suggests, based on the serial number, that it is a 1999 engine....

    I did check the parts data and those engines do use the 'oddball' distributor with the reverse cut...
  7. Re: Default HELP in finding a short causing no start to diesel

    there may not be a 'short'...hard to say without seeing what you have...

    do you have any idea which circuit(s) the 20 amp fuse protect?
  8. Re: Default HELP in finding a short causing no start to diesel

    slave solenoid?

    what circuit(s) are protected by the 20 amp fuse?
  9. Re: 96 PCM 351 ignition parts - where to get?

    Sierra makes most of the 'tune up' parts for prestolites as well but you may need the distributor number to look them up in the catalog.

    The timing advance parts are much harder to find...the best...
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    Re: Alternator, Regulator or Gauge?

    15VDC is a little high...should be 14.7 max.

    may be ok as long as it doesn't vary widely as you spin it at different rates...

    I'd say you should also verify it delivers current to the battery,...
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    Re: 2008 Mercruiser 4.3 MPI losing power

    i'd check fuel pressure...
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    Re: Ignition coil Replacement numbers

    you should be able to find the ballast by following the purple wires from the '+' terminal....one will go to the starter solenoid and the other should go to the resistor...it's usually under the...
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    Re: RH Crusader distributor

    Given the MSRP, I'd say get the old one rebuilt...ideally by a local shop...mail order as a secondary option.

    If that doesn't work, your plan to swap gears on a LH distributor should work find......
  14. Re: Mercruiser Mag 350 MPI, MEFI 3 help please

    if you have adequate compression, I'd say you have defied physics ot have missed something...
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    Re: 1985 130 hour mercruiser

    stating which engine you have can only help....

    As a rule, mercruiser has never run oil thru any manifold on a standard production engine...

    you can't post pics until you have five posts so you...
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    Re: No shore power

    go look at your first post....one post in one area makes it easier on all of us...
  17. Re: Caterpillar C18 Port Side Engine not starting

    you need to trace the signal on the YEL/REd wire....until it gets to the starter, it likely won't start...

    You should be able to start it with the Key to RUN and jumping the solenoid to the...
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    Re: No shore power

    take a volt meter to the connector on the cable where it connects to the boat...if it has the rated volts, then the issue is inside the hull...if not, go see the dockmaster...
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    Re: 1955 Chris Craft won't idle

    there shouldn't be any load in neutral....make sure the cable controlling the gear is properly adjusted to make sure it goes fully into FWD and REV and N should be no problem....

    I'd make sure the...
  20. Re: Replacement ECM MEFI 4 12569494 Crusader 2004 8.1L

    There are many sources for replacement as there are several sources that can repair what you have....your search engine is the fastest path to closure...ideally you can find somebody 'local' in case...
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