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  1. Re: 1999 Volvo Penta 5.0 won't start without starting fluid

    Then again.... water accumulating in gas tank tends to settle to the bottom (where the pickup is) and while the fuel filter/seperator will stop it, eventually, the compartment in the fuel...
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    Re: Info on 2007 3.0L inboard

    It has an interesting exhaust riser/elbow... It assembles from 3 identical right angle castings with gaskets in between each section and a spot for a water inlet on each section.. In the FWC...
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    Re: Raw water cooling hose

    Any good marine retailer will have the wire reinforced ( suction) hose you need. It's either 1" or 1-1//4" I forget which.
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    Info on 2007 3.0L inboard

    My YC is looking at a boat powered with a 140HP MP 3.0L FWC engine. It was rebuilt in 2016 and on the hard for 2 years. Is there anything in particular to look out for on this engine???? TIA
  5. Re: Mercruiser 3.0 blow by/ turn engine manually

    I usually connect a remote start switch to the engine so I can "bump it" while I'm at the engine instead of @ the helm. Connect the remote start switch between +12 and the coil ( small terminal...
  6. Re: Through Hull Exhaust too loud at low speeds

    Ran my 5.7 through the transom with a pair of 14" x 3"(port) Centek fiberglass mufflers.... At idle and low speeds has nice mellow sound that you can actually talk over.... at cruise still...
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    Re: Fiberglass cloth - Epoxy or Poly

    Likely does not matter....

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    Re: AQ 280 mechanical tilt problem.

    The adjustment of the limit switch is somewhat critical... it is threaded into the top of the housing. Sometimes incorrect adjustment results in the threads in the housing being stripped. Normally...
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    Re: AQ 280 mechanical tilt problem.

    There are two relays under the black cover on top of the lift out (not tilt) mechanism.... one is for up the other for down.
    Likely one of them is bad.
    If you pm me your email address, I send you...
  10. Re: need help with finding a Volvo 3861740 cooling hose 5.7 GXI C

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    Re: Crusaders not achieving rpms

    ....compression check???
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    Re: 270 outdrive oil level reading tip

    I roughed up that area on my drive's dipstick with a coarse file.
  13. Re: Sea Water Pump Shaft / Fuel Pump Cam Troubleshooting Question

    Was there proper lube level (Hypoid 90) in the housing??? Is/was this oil undiluted by a fuel leak ??
  14. Re: Epoxy working time installing new transom

    Would suggest a slow hardener....
  15. Re: I think I need to adjust my throttle...

    First.... disconnect throttle cable at the "carb" and see if there is more movement of the lever on the injector linkage...IFSO adjust..Many throttle control heads have more than one hole on the...
  16. Re: Repacking shaft - alignment seems way off (2005 luhrs)

    Per other posts, alignment is in reference to the coupler, not the shaft...That said, there appears to be a shaft issue. The first place I'd look is at the strut @ the prop... Possible replaced...
  17. Re: Engine not starting rapid vibration noise from the starter.

    Been debugging stuff all my life.... I learned the hard way... best NOT to start by replacing the most expensive part in the system first... just sayin'
  18. Re: Replacement Volvo out drive housing cover

    Remove cover should just be a couple of bolts... If you look ar what is inside, you will likely find that the drive underneath the cover is always "wet".
  19. Re: DP-A reverse latch mechanism spring install.

    With the drive tilted up its doable... i.e. partially disassemble the latch... remove big springs (carefully), undo transverse bolts.
    Carefully clean and lightly lube with waterproof grease. ...
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    Re: Alarm Wiring Question

    FWIW.... on all my boats 18 ft and larger, I've installed 2 batteries.... The main "start" duty battery ( one size bigger than min recommended by engine manufacturer) and a second "dual purpose"...
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