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  1. Re: 2006 5.0 MPI 228 hours Bogging

    According to the OP.... In neutral or in gear he has limited rpm. Growth is not the problem.
  2. Re: 4.3 mercruiser exhaust bellows

    Remove the bellows and install an exhaust tube....
  3. Re: 2006 5.0 MPI 228 hours Bogging

    Shift event switch.. It stops neutral over rev.....
  4. Re: Mercruiser overheating when trimmed up.

    After you confirm the water tube in the transom assembly is open/clear and no air is getting in the cooling water stream...(Clear hose will show it) Then you have to look at the x dimension, it may...
  5. Re: 2004 BF 150 Flushing port blocked.

    It wasn't advice, it was a comparison. My post was as useless as your flush port. Lighten up Francis.
  6. Re: 5.7 MAG 350 MPI HORIZON - No start oil pressure switch?

    Three wire switches work off a 5volt reference and are for the ecm.... You cannot jump them out.... Fuel pumps are not driven by an oil pressure switch on a 555 controlled engine.

    If you have a...
  7. Re: 2000 Quicksilver 3000 classic controller

    Replace the control box..... All 3000 boxes should be recalled.
  8. Re: 2004 BF 150 Flushing port blocked.

    Worrying about flushing a 17 year old engine is as useless as a Honda flush port.
  9. Re: Alpha 1 lower to V6 mercury

    That will not work.....
  10. Re: Mercury 110 - Revs and Moves but Not Very Fast...?

    Your prop needs to be serviced..... The prop not seating all the way will allow exhaust gases to enter the water in front of the prop and cause cavitation.
  11. Replies

    Re: Bravo 3 squeak/rattle

    Looking for a problem that does not exist.
  12. Re: Volvo Penta 4.3 binding when trying to start

    What really happens....

    If you pull the lanyard at 4000 rpm the engine will turn into a vacuum pump and suck water up the exhaust pipe..... This will happen with the boat sitting still in neutral....
  13. Re: Mercury 110 - Revs and Moves but Not Very Fast...?

    Post a picture of your prop..... What looks good to you may be junk to us.
  14. Re: How difficult is it to replace throttle cables?

    All boats are different... Take your time.
  15. Re: How difficult is it to replace throttle cables?

    Around a foot from one end of the cable will be the make, series number and length.
  16. Re: 2003 F225 Electrical Issue

    Check your battery switch and connections on the battery switch.
  17. Re: Odd thing happened yesterday with the Honda 250

    Quick throws of the shift control will show warn control cables...... The "Crunching" noise may have been the lower unit not fully in neutral from reverse or forward gear.... Start with the most...
  18. Re: Check Engine Light and Horn Beeping

    How many beeps? Count them.
  19. Re: Serial number location and why does the parts catalog nor recognize the one I have

    Add a Zero (0) before the m...
  20. Re: Repacking shaft - alignment seems way off (2005 luhrs)

    You do not align an inboard by centering the shaft in the log..... You align an inboard with a feeler gauge at the coupler.
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