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    Re: BF30 oil leak

    I had it sitting in some pretty toxic mix to break down a lot of salt. I wonder if the 20 year old seals gave way. Where it is there are very few people

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    Re: Damn Horn

    Yes a bad therm will set it off. Or oil sensor depending on which motor you have? Need more details.

    Could also be bad wiring

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    Re: 1998 75hp losing power

    4 stroke or two? If its a two stroke it sounds like your high speed jet is plugged on one or more cyl. It could also be fuel restricted. Change fuel filter

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    Re: Mercury running (lack of power)problem+voltage regultor

    Yes you should see a light for each time the coil sends current to the spark plug. Make sure you google how to use the timing light you have if you don't

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    Alan Hicks

    Re: BF30 oil leak

    My bet would be prop shaft seals from that pic. You could pull the prop to confirm maybe....

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