View Full Version : Chrysler 99 crank seal

09-14-2003, 09:55 PM
" I have a 1971 Chrysler 9.9 that I got from someone who left if lying in their backyard for 15 years. I managed to get it running - kinda.
I suspect the crank seals are gone but would like to be sure before I tear into this project. I have to spray gas into the carb to get it running - then it will run only with the throttle at high, it starts best if I put it in gear and turn the throttle all the way up - then I need to keep the throttle up to keep it running. I thought it was the carb so I rebuilt the carb with a new float with all the parts supplied by Merc marine. There was no difference in performance. Also, there is a LOT of oil in the water tank after running it. Any help would be appreciated. "