View Full Version : 1988 50 HP Force suddenly lost PRM amp power HELP

John Milliron
07-23-2003, 06:27 PM
" I have a 1988 50 HP Force two-stroke outboard on a 16?Grumman deep V that has run good until now. Ran it the morning of the 4th of July no problem, but that evening it started up good and ran good for about 150 yds then started to dog. It lost RPMs and power and stalled when I brought it back to neutral. It would start in warm-up but not at full RPM.

Cleaned full filter

Plugs look good & regapped

Can get max RPMs in neutral manually

Can NOT get max operating range RPMs in gear

Does not sound like there is a miss

Noticed small amount of FEUL oil not lower end oil next to the shift rod

Ser# 1095

Does anyone have ideas to help me correct this problem?

ps ?I had run ¾ of a tank of gas before problem so it is not bad gas. "

The Doctor
07-23-2003, 06:47 PM
You are only running on 1 cyl...check for spark and compression. I would expect around 150 psi per cyl. IF there appears to be one down around 100 or less you may have a broken ring or a blown head gasket.

Max RPM's in neutral is NOT advisable as damage may occur to the engine.

I doubt that the problem is fuel related.

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