View Full Version : Strange problem with mariner 25 hp

07-07-2003, 11:01 AM
" 1995 mariner 25 hp.
Goes through phases where it will not start at all with the starter but it will start with the pull cord. Then through phases where it will not start with the cord or the starter. The plugs are new. When going through these phases I've checked the plugs and they are wet with gas (not flooded). When it does crank it runs fine no misses or hesitation.

It appears to me, something is causing it not to get fire to the plugs some of the time. What could cause this? I guess this motor has electronic ignition. But could something equivalent to the coil be going out?

Also, the starter is dragging but most of the time it spins it plenty fast enough to start the motor. Could the starter going out cause some short in the firing system?

Any help would be appreciated. "