View Full Version : Gearbox Help - 1973 9.9hp

09-18-2020, 11:43 PM
:DHoping someone can give me a quick tip on removing the gears from the lower unit, ever done it before?

I'm cross-posting this on 3 boards since my motor is a '73 Sears Gamefisher made by Eska, same as Ted Williams.

The forward & pinion gears are stripped but I have a good replacement set sitting on a parts motor.
Tried swapping lower units first but the parts lower has a bad drive shaft and shift linkage.:(
I removed the prop & gear assembly, shift linkage and impeller but the bad gears are held in by the driveshaft.

There does not seem to be a pinion nut or retaining clip on the gearbox-end of the shaft, just a splined end.
Under the impeller there is a plastic cap that seals the openingthrough which the shaft enters the gearbox.

There are notches on a raised collar next to the shaft but I will damage the plastic if I make the wrong move.

Special tool? Brute Force? Hopefully just missing the obvious... but also missing the water!:cool: