View Full Version : Help Mercury 150 XR2 Will Not Take Off amp I AM LOST

Michael Kovach
07-04-2002, 01:15 AM
" 0A959905 motor cranks and idles fine. Have let idle for 30 minutes while turning off and restarting with no problem. motor will not take off when given full throttle. RPM reaches 2200
& temp rises. Engine will rev up when just sitting. Have pulled carbs off and rebuilt. Rebuilt fuel pump. Told stator, rectifier, trigger
or coils are the problem. checked stator and rectifier with a trouble light to ground. dim light on one stator connection no light on other connection. + connection had a bright light. new rectifier installed. both stator connections dim
while + terminal was bright. ran boat same problem as above. checked connections at rectifier while in water and both stator terminals were dim while + was bright. the trigger ohmed out according to book and the 6 blue coils all check out the same between + & - and + & - to coil tower
The manuel refers to inner an outer switch boxes
which I assume are alse called power packs.
QUESTION do these switch boxes control low speed and high speed seperatly. If you have a suggestion or, can point me in the right direction
Anyone with some trouble shooting thoughts??
HELP. Thanks Michael "

07-21-2002, 10:34 AM
" Mike,

The stators on these Mercurys have two windings.One is for cranking and low rpms, the other for high rpms. The red and red-white wires to the switchboxes are the high speed wires. The blue and blue-white wires are low speed.

You can measure the resistance by touching one test lead to the ground wire, the other to each of the red and blue wires separately. You should disconnect these wires before trying to measure the resistance.

Tony "