View Full Version : ESKA 5hp Lower Unit horsepower

03-17-2009, 02:41 PM
"Hello everyone,
I am new here and have a quick question.. I see people have asked this question before but I dont agree with the answer.
I want to change the lower unit juice and am confused. The hole marked vent is below the hole marked fill? As I said its an older eska 5hp? I dont for the life of me see another applicable screw below these two? I know im supposed to fill from the lower hole. Do I fill from the vent hole? Would it help to post a picture? Also, is regular outboard lower unit oil ok for direct drive or do I need greez? Please help. Thanks in advanced

03-18-2009, 12:50 AM
"ERIC I am not sure of your year model, but looking in my manuel you take out both plugs, the upper vent plug and the lower vent plug and lay the motor on its side to drain, check for water and if present you need to change your gskts to seal the unit good. then you stand the motor upright and insert the filler tube of marine use 90 wt. into the lower vent hole and fill until level is at upper vent hole, replace the upper vent plug to help lub stay in then replace lower vent plug and tighten, then remove the upper plug and check to make sure lub is at the top vent hole if not top off though upper vent hole, replace and tighten plug. That should do it."