View Full Version : Converting IO bowrider to outboard

10-19-2001, 11:30 PM
" I have a 17.5 foot bowrider (Calais) with a 180 merc ( I/O ). The engine has finally reached the stage " too costly to repair " The boat is in good shape and I am trying to stretch my recreation dollars as much as possible. ( Here in Canada the boating season is 3 months ) I was told that this I/O engine is no longer made and finding a suitable size engine to replace it would be next to impossible. I have heard that a bracket can mounted on the stern and an outboard can be fitted. I feel that going with an O/B gives me options in a few years should I want to change the boat. Can someone comment on this...I would like to know the name of the bracket and who sells them. Also, the lake where the boat is used most of the season is shallow for the first 200 feet out from the shore. I need to operate the engine with the trim up more than the average boater. I have been led to believe that this situation is better suited to an O/B rather than an I/O. Thank you. "

04-19-2002, 10:24 PM
" YES toothman,
search the web for "hotboats", you'll find all kinds of vendors willing to sell you, "jack plates",or "setback brackets", or "sternjacks"...it's alot of work, new cables, controls,+ plugging the "hole",,it all comes down to....is the boat worth it????
Mine isn't !! But i love her,+ she'll do till i find the boat of my dreams.....an Old Town Atlantis............ "