View Full Version : Chris Craft 350Q Distributor Advance

07-10-2001, 09:16 PM
" I recently purchased two Mallory YL566AV distributors for my 1975
Catalina's 350Q engines. These are Mallory's recommendation for the
Chris Craft "Q" engines. They fit and the boat starts and runs great
to a point. However, I cannot get full horsepower out of the engine (I
did set the timing). At full throttle I am getting about 3300 RPM and
about 15 knots. I should get 4000 rpm out of the engines and 20 knots.
I suspect the problem is with the advance. These distributors came
labeled as having a YH advance (although they are YL distributors).
Does anyone have any thoughts? I suspect the springs may have to be
changed, but how does one confirm this, to get the right springs

The YH total advance is also adjustable. My Chris Craft manuals say
the advance should be 10 degrees, but nothing else. Is this idle

Any help would be appreciated! "