View Full Version : 1972 Chrysler 70hp

Jason P.
04-15-2004, 11:44 PM
" I looking at a boat with this chrysler 70hp outboard motor. Motor looks real clean, prop is in excellent shape and the guy says motor runs good. Of course I will have to take for a test run myself. My question is this a reliable motor are parts readily available for this motor is it worth 400 dollars boat and trailor included "

David B
04-16-2004, 01:14 AM
" In my opinion it would probably be in your best interest to steer clear of chrysler outboards at any price, reliability and performance is poor in my view. Chrysler went out of business years ago and I believe parts are probably available only at salvage yards. I grew up with mercury, johnson and evinrude outboards and I believe them to be the best as well as the good things I've heard about yamaha. Boating is supposed to be fun and relaxing and being towed in is no fun. Just one boaters opinion. Good Luck David B "

J. Fegan
04-16-2004, 07:05 AM
" For many people the decision to purchase an outboard engine is based on brand loyalty or past experience with a particular brand. For others it is from what they have heard by word of mouth, ( Is there one brand better than the other?)
So you have heard bad things about Mercury and only good things about Johnson OMC? People have told you that Chrysler engines were junk and Yamaha motors are the only motors that hold up in saltwater? You are too scared to purchase a Tohatsu or Nissan because you are not familiar with the engine? All of these propositions are typical opinions and sentiments that individual boaters have preached. None of these are concrete facts that all boaters can agree on. Lets check out the most common scenarios related to brand loyalty that we at AFA Marine come across:
If you ask a dealer from each brand they will all tell you that their motors are the best and that everyone else's outboards are junk.
The reason is obvious, they probably want to make a sale for their brand.
If you ask someone who has grew up on a particular brand and has had success with that brand they be partial to that motor and put down other makes.
Well how can they knock other brands if they have never tried them? It is no different then someone who has had success on a particular fishing lure only but has never tried the competitor's lure. They could have the same or better results without ever noticing it.
You have owned a particular brand and it blew up on you or you had problems. You then curse that brand because of your one experience.
Often this happens with poorly maintained used motors. You have to attribute most of the problems you will have to the usage or abuse that the previous owner(s) may have initiated.
You read an article from a brand that states their motor is far above any other brand
These are fundamental objectives marketers for these brands want to achieve. Funny thing is that some competing brands actually subcontract their motors to their competitors then battle it out in the advertising world.

Your mechanic or boat repair shop usually has one particular brand in for repair more often than some others?
This is probably a result of their being more of that brand sold in that regional area than others. For example: here in Clearwater FL, there are more Yamaha and Mercury motors than Johnson or Evinrudes. Therefore odds are higher that you will see a Mercury or Yamaha being repaired in a shop.
In all honesty we don't really see any outboard motor brand has having serious flaws or should be shunned when making a purchasing decision. We often get phone calls from people who swear that they will never touch a Mercury(example) followed by a phone call from a client that will only trust Mercury. We get customers who are reluctant to purchase a Tohatsu thinking that they are a lower end motor when in actuality they are one of the best motors we have ever tested. Some people even go as far as to claim that they will never buy an Evinrude but will be happy to own a Johnson. We are often startled by this because the two motors are identical except for paint and decals*.

Reputed "Off Brands"
This is probably the most important section of this article. THERE ARE VERY FEW IF ANY OFF BRAND OR GENERIC OUTBOARD MOTOR PRODUCERS IN THE USA TODAY. As of now there are only a handful of outboard motors that can be considered generic. Since the EPA has mandated emission regulations on outboard motors most of these companies have decided to get out of the motor business.
We do not regard Tohatsu, Nissan, Suzuki, Gamefisher, Mariner, Force or Chrysler as "off brands". Each of these brands have produced some of the best running outboard motors. Just because you do not see dealerships on every street corner does not mean that these motors are not quality products. In fact, we have found that Tohatsu/Nissan and Suzuki to have excellent engineering and innovative technology. We find that almost every used Nissan, Tohatsu, and Suzuki that we come across, regardless of appearance, have been strong runners. Many lodges and resorts world wide love these motors because of their durability and pricing. As far as Gamefisher, Chrysler and Force go these are great motors as well. They are economy motors that are targeted for a price conscious consumer. This does not mean that they have a shorter life span this basically means that they are less refined and may have less features than high priced motors. You should never disregard these motors as an purchase option just because of perceived notions.
For the most part, you can count on almost any brand or outboard motor to function well if taken care of. "